Amazing Lungau

Lungau is located in the southeastern part of the Austrian province of Salzburgerland. It is surrounded by mountain ranges; the base of the valley lies at 1000 m.

In summer it is one of Austria’s most sunny regions and in winter it ranks among the coldest.

For a long time Lungau has been isolated, as it was only reachable by high mountain passes. Thus, the region remained fairly primitive well into the twentieth century, safeguarding its defining traditions. As a result, its nature remained untouched and the development of the now-typical alpine man-made landscape didn’t have such free reign as in the rest of Austria, where it thrived under the guise of “progress.” It was only in the 1970’s, after the construction of the highway connecting Salzburg and Villach, that the region became easily accessible.

With its deep blue mountain lakes and its pristine alpine meadows, both embedded within a respectfully created man-made landscape, Lungau’s nature is breathtakingly beautiful. As ever, all is maintained by traditional and sustainable means.

It is therefore that Lungau has acquired the designation UNESCO Biosphärenpark!

In Lungau one finds both pure, clean air and crystal clear water in abundance.

Enjoying Lungau

Lungau can be enjoyed in all four seasons.

In spring, summer and fall a hike or a mountain bike ride will yield not only views of beautiful mountains, streams, lakes and meadows, but also the lovely local gastronomy among which the cozy mountain huts are a must.

Fall in Lungau is remarkably appealing, with its mountain slopes alive with wonderful colors and delightful scents, often to be enjoyed in fine weather.

Because of its snow guarantee in winter, the region offers numerous activities, from cross-country skiing to snowshoeing. But of course most of those who visit Lungau in wintertime are skiers and snowboarders who cherish our four impeccably maintained ski resorts, all celebrated for their beautiful, wide and long slopes.

What makes Lungau exceptional are its well preserved traditions and its rich cultural life of music, traditional costume and local cuisine. Without a doubt this will embellish already unforgettable memories of your holidays at Wolfgang Chalets Mauterndorf.